Long term datasets

Data being collectedFrequency of collectionlink to data and metadataGeographic Information system (GIS) layers
Chemistry of stream water from the Luquillo MountainsWeeklyknb-lter-luq.20.4923054
Environmental Sensor database for the Luquillo MountainsUp to every 5 minutesHydroshare.org
Bisley Tower I Meteorological data (Bisley Tower)Dailyknb-lter-luq.90.632956
Bisley Stream flowup to every 5 minutesRDS-2022-0074
Sabana Weather StationHourlyRDS-2021-0030
Bisley and Sabana Weather Station and ceilometerHourlyRDS-2017-0023
East Peak, Bisley, and Sabana daily weather station data DailyRDS-2022-0050 and
El Verde Field Station and Permit AreaGeneral El Verde infrastructure layers
Minimum temperature at El Verde Field Station, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico since 1975Dailyknb-lter-luq.17.573682
Maximum temperature at El Verde Field Station, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico since October 1992Dailyknb-lter-luq.16.538558
El Verde Field Station Air temperature from automatic sensorHourlyknb-lter-luq.184.185261
Meteorological data from El Verde Field Station: NADP TowerHourlyknb-lter-luq.127.1676171
Sonadora elevational plots: long-term monitoring of air temperatureDailyknb-lter-luq.183.877106
Rainfall at El Verde Field Station, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico since 1975Dailyknb-lter-luq.14.470048
Chemistry of rainfall and throughfall from El Verde and BisleyWeeklyknb-lter-luq.174.2110858
NADP/NTN precipitation chemistry dataWeeklyknb-lter-luq.77.3321551
Prieta streams- Discharge and water level15 minutesknb-lter-luq.182.210373
Bisley Watershed 3 and Quebrada Prieta Algae MonitoringWeeklyknb-lter-luq.136.313356
Shrimp populations in Quebrada Prieta (Pools 0, 8, 9, 15) (El Verde)Weeklyknb-lter-luq.54.945759
Vegetation profile and canopy height of Tabonuco, Colorado and Cloud ForestsOccassionalknb-lter-luq.21.7362686
Canopy invertebrate responses to DisturbanceYearly/ every 6 monthsknb-lter-luq.96.2410865
Litterfall in tabonuco (subtropical wet) forest in the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico (MRCE Litterfall data)knb-lter-luq.111.1441410
Long Term Elevation Plots (LTEP)LTEP Plots
Elevational gradients of walking stick (Lamponius portoricensis) abundanceOccassionalknb-lter-luq.195.4
Terrestrial gastropods abundance data along an elevational gradientOccassionalknb-lter-luq.171.1285110
Canopy invertebrate near El Verde and the Long Term Elevation PlotsOccassionalknb-lter-luq.96.2410869
Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE)
Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) Plot Treatmentsknb-lter-luq.165.519603CTE Plots
Luquillo canopy trimming experiment – meteorological data, soil sensor, and cannopy measurementsDailyknb-lter-luq.212.4
Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) Walking Stick DataYearlyknb-lter-luq.193.3
Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) plant seedling measurementsYearlyknb-lter-luq.143
Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) plants greater than 1 centimeter diameter at breast height (DBH)Yearlyknb-lter-luq.144.567755
Chemistry of soil solution collected from tension lysimeters in the Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) plotsWeekly – Monthlyknb-lter-luq.166.731254
Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) LitterfallBiweeklyknb-lter-luq.162.862758
Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) Walking Stick DataYearlyknb-lter-luq.193.3
Fern Survey in the Canopy Trimming experiment (CTE)Discontinuedknb-lter-luq.146.816304
Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) Snail dataYearlyknb-lter-luq.152.762253
Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) Canopy invertebrate responses to disturbanceDiscontinuedknb-lter-luq.155.2650551
Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot (LFDP)LFDP grid and 40 points
LFDP Phenologies of the Tabonuco Forest trees and shrubsBiweeklyknb-lter-luq.88.559507
LFDP – Bird abundance – point countsYearlyknb-lter-luq.23.4630182
Census of species, diameter and location at the Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot (LFDP), Puerto Rico5-yearlyknb-lter-luq.119.1545979
Habitat selection/Caracolus caracolla and other snails (2019 Ongoing)Yearlyknb-lter-luq.194.19
Abundance of gastropodsYearlyknb-lter-luq.107
Seedlings densities near phenology basketsYearlyknb-lter-luq.175.5347491
Stream Flow Reduction Experiment (StreamFRE)StreamFRE sampling locations and features
StreamFRE: Pool area and depth in Prieta Streamsknb-lter-luq.221.1
StreamFRE: Downstream leaf litter exports in Prieta and lateral and vertical leaf litter inputs.knb-lter-luq.223.1
StreamFRE: Canopy cover over Prieta streamknb-lter-luq.206.2
StreamFRE-Shrimp assemblages in Prieta Streamknb-lter-luq.222.2
StreamFRE: Benthic Organic Matter in Prieta Streamknb-lter-luq.219.2
StreamFRE: Macroinvertebrates knb-lter-luq.227.1