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Early 2023 Fall Updates

We are happy to present a newsletter to get the fall 2023 semester started at the Luquillo LTER.

LUQ participation in 108th ESA Annual Meeting

Aura Alonso-Ramírez - PhD Candidate

Main Research Question:
How does large-scale hurricane disturbance affect the functional diversity and trait composition of moth communities in the Luquillo Mountains of Puerto Rico?

Main Findings:
  • While the amount of functional niche space did not change, hurricane disturbance led to higher evenness and dispersion of species within functional space. This might be due to a decrease in functionally similar species.
  • Body size decreased in palm forests but not in tabonuco, suggesting lower resource availability in palm forests following disturbance. We found increased aposematism and flash coloration, which might indicate a post-disturbance shift in anti-predator defense strategy.

Kenzi Stemp

  • Our LUQ-LTER Technician Kenzi Stemp presented a research poster focusing on recruitment in the LFDP at the Ecological Society of America Annual meeting in Portland, OR.
  • Using the data collected by our interns, technicians, and volunteers, Kenzi was able to present preliminary results from the LFDP tree census to compare the state of the forest pre- and post-hurricane Maria.
  • Kenzi's poster highlighted the unprecedented explosion of early-successional tree species that currently dominate the forest (around 35,000 new trees in just half the study area!) and some of the implications that more intense and more frequent disturbance may have on El Yunque National Forest.
Dr. Chris Nytch, Evald Maceno and Dr. Jess K. Zimmerman.

Evald Maceno, PhD Candidate

  • Poster: Assessment of masting behavior in a tropical wet forest in Puerto Rico."

LUQ Climate Survey

LUQ Work Place Climate Survey

Encuesta Ambiente Laboral LUQ

Encuesta Ambiente Laboral LUQ

Conferences of Interest - BIOGEOMON 2024

The 2024 BIOGEOMON Conference (the 11th International Symposium on Ecosystem Behavior) will take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on January 7-11, 2024. Abstract submissions and registration will open on Friday, September 5th. Student discounts are offered, and there are applications for travel subsidy. Please share! You can learn more here:

El Verde Field Station Update

We would like to inform that UPR-RP was awarded $920,880 in infrastructure grant funding from NSF to enhance research and education capacity at El Verde Field Station (EVFS) via installation of a solar system and batteries for self-sufficient energy generation.
  • The system 73.35 kW DC / 56.887 kW AC solar system and 224 kWhr of battery storage at EVFS that will provide up to 73% of annual electricity needs including all essential office, laboratory, and dormitory equipment.
  • The panels will be mounted on the roofs of several existing structures at the station, which will require installation of a standing seam roof and repair of an interior ceiling in one building.
  • The completed solar system will ensure the continuation of critical research and education projects and enable new lines of scientific inquiry in the field of tropical forest ecology.
  • The solar infrastructure will also make for a more self-sustaining station that is resilient to future power outages and demonstrate how sustainable electricity generation can support and advance publicly funded ecological science.
  • Installation is anticipated to be concluded by fall 2024.

Recent Publications from LUQ members


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